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I am a professional translator providing creative translations, transcreation and copy editing from Italian and French into English.

Serving the creative and cultural industries, businesses and academics since 2003.


Professional translations, right first time

Polished, professional translations from Italian and French into English.

Deliver your message to an international audience in style: I can provide you with a natural-sounding translation that reflects the style, nuances and eloquence of the source text, plus SEO optimisation if required.


You can rest assured that I take your texts as seriously as you do: I take time to research the subject matter in depth, to ensure accurate specialist terminology and references.


Prepping for publication

Need to correct an English text written by a non-native speaker? Want to get your academic paper published or get that research grant? Have you been asked to write a business presentation in English?

Or perhaps you're a native speaker but struggle with putting your ideas into compelling, polished language: I can help you with that too.

Troubleshooting less-than-perfect English is a challenge I enjoy! With my hawk-eye for typos and grammar mistakes, I'll polish and refine your text until it flows and is ready to be published or presented, online or offline. 


Give your brand an authentic English voice

Transcreation, or 'creative translation', is the perfect solution for advertising or marketing copy as it allows you to engage with a specific international audience in a way that truly speaks to them and their mindset. 

Based on your brief, I can produce a creative, well-written English adaptation of your digital marketing content or advertising copy that's tailored to the cultural expectations of your ideal customers.


Helping you connect with Puglia

Planning to tie the knot in Italy ( I can help you find the perfect wedding venue in Puglia!), trullo-hunting or here on business?


For liaison interpreting services (small meetings, in person or online) and wedding planning support in the Valle d’Itria and Taranto area, please contact me.



I've been working with Catherine since 2007 and I can definitely say that she is the most talented translator I've ever met. She has everything it takes: culture, vocabulary, passion and a refined style...and on top of all these professional skills she has three important qualities: kindness, reliability and a human touch that makes working with her a real pleasure!

— Rita Camelli, Group PR Director, Elite World

Catherine Salbashian Translator

here's How i can help 

Creative Language Services from Italian & French into English


As a freelance transcreator and copy editor, I provide more than just spot-on English translations: I work with my clients to understand their unique needs and target audience, applying copywriting skills, meticulous research and sector-specific terminology to each project, for sparkling 'creative translations' that do justice to my clients’ high-quality content, services or products.


I can help you raise your linguistic game and get it right first time, so you can feel confident you're making an impact without making embarrassing (and potentially expensive) blunders in English.

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