Luxury travel translations

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Destination: high-quality English translations

Luxury hotels and travel companies are increasingly aware that their English-language ad copy and digital content must reflect the exclusive quality, look and feel of their services.

That's where I come in, to help  high-end tourism and hospitality businesses offer a seamless experience to aspiring globetrotters or luxury nomads in search of inspiration.

Previous work in this field includes

  • translating, writing and editing web content for a range of luxury resorts and boutique hotels in Tuscany, northern Italy and Switzerland including the Monte Verità Hotel Complex, Aman Resorts, Nira Resorts;

  • translating web content for tourist attractions and local tourism boards;

  • translating books on various parts of Italy, including an illustrated guide to some of Puglia’s most amazing places to stay at; photographic books about China (Ed. Whitestar), Lake Maggiore and Sicily (deAgostini);

  • an ongoing project for a chartered yacht company which runs sailing holidays around Italy and the Mediterranean.