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about me

Catherine Salbashian

I've been helping businesses, academics and creative professionals communicate with an English-speaking audience since I chose translation as a career in 2003. 

As a Londoner, I grew up surrounded by people speaking different languages, and made the most of the capital’s cultural scene; after a degree in French and Italian, I lived in Italy's fashion and design capital Milan for thirteen years, before moving to beautiful Puglia, the heel of Italy.
My experiences have given me a deep understanding of the specific references and subtleties of Italian culture, society and language in various contexts. 

A background in business marketing & communications and a lifelong fascination with fashion, the arts and travel, means I relish the intellectual challenge of translating complex creative and cultural texts.

I hold a First Class Hons B.A. in Modern Languages from the University of Bristol
I'm a Member of the UK’s Chartered Institute of Linguists – check my profile here.